[Haul] Essie nailpolishes!

Well, hellooooo!

My latest addiction: Essie nailpolishes! My friend recommend this brand, I really wanted to try it out, but never actually bought it.. So I was internet shopping on http://www.bol.com and they sold them for 2+2 FREE! For 4 nailpolishes and I had spend only €20,-. So cheap! Normally you have only 2 nailpolishes for €20,-
So I’ve bought this month 6 new nailpolishes of Essie! I’ve bought 4 on http://www.bol.com and 2 in a drugstore
called DA drogisterij.

These are the nailpolishes I bought:

From left to right :
– forever yummy
– master plan
– maximillian strasse her
– smokin hot
– hip-anema
– avenue maintain

My favorites:

Essie’s hip-anema! It’s just so nice for the summer. It’s a bright pink/red color and I’m sooooo loving it!

I also really like the Essie’s Master plan. It’s like a gray and a bit brown color, soooo pretty.

And Essie’s forever yummy. It is like a sexy red color! Love it!

I really recommend Essie, they got so many nailpolish colors! I really want to try them all out!

Which color of Essie do you recommend me? 🙂

Btw. Don’t you love the names of the nailpolishes of Essie? Hahah!


[Review] Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream All Day Strong


This is a review about the Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream All Day Strong in the shade Sheer Silky Skin.


I’m using this BB cream for 3 months and I still love it! This shade matches my skintone very well and i’m a NC20.

I purchased this BB cream from www.bbcreamshop.eu

AND NO i don’t get payed to make this review;

Well okay, let’s start with the review!

It comes in a cute PINK box. I loooove pink, hehe. The BB cream comes with a pump. I just love BB creams which hasa  pump. Why? because it’s just easy and it’s more hygienic.

SAM_1492 SAM_1497

SAM_1494 SAM_1496
Why do i love this BB cream? 

It matches my skintone. It really does give you a brightened look! And since i used it, all the people were saying that my skin looked flawless, how awesome!

It has a medium coverage, so if you have blemishes, i always use a concealer before i put my BB cream on.

The BB cream had a pinkisch undertone. And it’s easy to blend it in your skin.

I have a weird skin, because sometimes it’s really dry and sometimes it’s oily..

But i use this BB cream the most when i have a normal to oily skin. why? Because it doesn’t work with a dry skin.

My pores looks more smoothened out and my skin looks even. The BB cream isn’t sticky at all. So i don’t feel like using a powder.




SAM_1513 SAM_1514 SAM_1518


So i do recommend this bb cream if you have a normal to oily skin, if you like a brightened look and if you want a BB cream that you can use in the summer(SPH30).

I don’t recommend this bb cream if you have a dry skin.


Yeah, this BB cream had been discontinued from Etude House. But they sell this BB cream still at www.bbcreamshop.eu

You can still purchase it there for € 16,85 

Sadly only people from the Netherlands can purchase it on this site..